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About Us

    The Seaside Italian American Club was founded in 1968 with the mission to continue to preserve the Italian culture, honor and practice the Italian traditions and foster the Italian heritage within the community that was brought here from Italy. Seaside has been a place for those of Italian heritage to bond together to insure their Italian culture is upheld, encouraged and passed on throughout the generations.

    The Seaside Italian American Club functions solely due to the continuous efforts of our members. With their membership, participation and financial support the club has the financial resources to offer scholarships and to contribute to local causes. While working together we inspire new generations of Italian Americans to share in our pride and history.


The Seaside Italian American Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the furtherance of the following purposes.

1. To foster and develop the highest ideals of American citizenship

2. To nurture the spirited and cultural welfare of the members.

3. To improve the moral and physical welfare of its affiliates.

4. To provide a common meeting place for individuals who become a part of the Seaside Italian American Club to assist in the promotion of the purposes set forth.


The Seaside Italian American Club is dedicated to enriching the lives of all in our community through social and cultural events that reflect our members rich Italian heritage.The club has many first and second generation members of Italian descent from all parts of Italy that are proud of this heritage.

The Board of Directors

Frank Auletta

Audrey Cavaliere

Phil Faccone

Frank Giannone

Jay Mizrachi

Paul Perillo

Skip Sommerer

John Sansone

Dave Lutes

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Easy, Fast Italian Recipes

(Spaghetti with bacon and egg)

Easy, Fast Italian Recipes
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Easy, Fast Italian Recipes
Spaghetti with oil, garlic, chili pepper, and cherry tomatoes
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